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Give your bathroom a wash of colour

Available in 36 mixable shades, Chalk Paint can be applied directly to fibreglass, porcelain or cast iron tubs without priming or sanding.

Ideal for beginners, soak your bathtub in colour with a single pot of paint, followed by a coat of Clear Chalk Paint Wax in just a matter of hours. For intermediate painters and upcyclers, a waterfall-effect ombré wall in a cascading ocean palette is the perfect weekend project. Start with your lightest colour at the base of the wall, then mix a little of your second colour into your first colour to darken it. Apply the darker colour above your first colour and then use a clean brush to lightly feather the paint while it’s still wet, blending each colour into the next. Repeat steps two and three until you reach your darkest colour at the top of the wall and then seal with wax. Paint dry? Dive in!

Picture here is an ombré wall by Felix, Annie Sloan’s son, using Chalk Paint in Aubusson Blue (top) and Provence (bottom), and finished with Clear Chalk Paint Wax. Bath painted in Provence and finished with Chalk Paint Wax. Feet painted in Chalk Paint in Old White and finished with Annie Sloan Lacquer. Floorboards are a wash of Chalk Paint in Old White and finished with Lacquer.

Annie Sloan, the author of 26 books, is widely recognised as one of the world’s most respected experts in paint and colour.