TREND WATCH: from Venice, with Love

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by Silvana Longo

Originating in Italy’s Veneto area over 500 years ago, terrazzo is a composite material of marble chippings set into cement and polished to a super smooth finish. Created as a way to reuse the scrapped rock, this sustainable, speckled mosaic was traditionally used as flooring in Venetian palaces.

It had a moment in the sun in the ’70s but this year, building on the popularity of marble over the last few years, terrazzo offers a more colourful, more playful alternative. And its popularity in the 21st century soars beyond the floor and walls with many decor items popping up inspired by the abstract pattern. It brings texture and interest to fabrics and wallpapers, and these terrazzo-inspired items add a chic Italian vibe to your decor.

1 FLONG RUG, $14.99;

2 Terrazzo MACBOOK CASE, $67.15;

3 Indigo Set of 4 Terrazzo COASTERS, $24.50;

4 FINE ART PRINT Bleu Serene, $26.99;

5 Velvet PILLOW, Mademoiselle Nathalie, $110.03;

6 HANGIVEN MUG, $5.99, patterned;

7 Terrazzo Bath Collection, CANISTER, $38US, LOTION DISPENSER, $38US, SOAP DISH, $28US, TUMBLER, $28US;

8 Terrazzo White Rectangular SERVING PLATTER, $79.95;

9 Terrazzo-print SHOWER CURTAIN, $20;

10 Speckled CERAMIC BOWL, $12.99;