5 ways to stay organized with these accessory bags

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In celebration of the launch, Ziploc brand teamed up with professional organizer and certified KonMari consultant, Michele Delory, to provide tips for reducing mess and stress with the new accessory bags.

Approach with the right mindset

If you’re struggling with motivation, try visualizing the end result and how it will make you feel. Then, get started. You’ll be amazed at how your confidence and enthusiasm will grow as you progress.

Organize by category

Whether you’re tackling your entire wardrobe or just your gym bag, focusing on one category at a time will help keep you on track.

Sort and let go

Sort items into three categories – keep, maybe and let go. Keep items that spark joy and considering letting go of the others. Show gratitude for those things you are getting rid of, especially gifts or other sentimental items, to help ease the process.

Time to tidy

After deciding what to keep, it’s time to put items away in a tidy, organized way. This can include folding and storing clothes vertically in drawers, sorting and storing accessories and jewellery into Ziploc® brand Accessory Bags or putting important items back into your purse.


Once you’ve finished one category or area, move on to the next while you still feel the euphoria of your accomplishment! Cleaning out under bathroom vanities, sorting books and papers, or organizing your home office, can help you feel great every day.


Ziploc brand accessory bags start at $8 per package of five can be found at walmart.ca or Amazon.ca
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