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Spazio brown marble side table

Usher in the new fall season with the latest decor finds and helpful home accessories

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Dyson's de-tangling brush bar technology vacuum cleaner

Annoyed by all the hair our beloved pets and humans shed in our spaces? Dyson’s latest range of vacuum cleaners includes de-tangling brush bar technology designed to tackle all hair (pet and human!). To get more technical...

The polycarbonate teeth, combined with a set of spiralling nylon bristles, anti-static carbon fibre filaments and strong suction power, capture and tackle troublesome tangles, as well as larger debris and microscopic debris dust. Sounds impressive, right? To truly understand the dynamics of hair, Dyson engineers and microbiologists studied various animals, from cats and dogs to alpacas, donkeys, horses and rabbits. This led Dyson to understand the size, texture and structure of hair across animal species and the invisible allergens and bacteria they can introduce to the home. “The impact pets have in the home goes beyond what we can see,” says Monika Stuczen, research scientist in microbiology at Dyson. “These microscopic particles can carry allergy-causing proteins around the home. Lightweight and minuscule, they can remain airborne for hours or transfer between objects.” For more information, visit

Mop up!

The Libman Tornado Spin Mop System

The Libman Tornado Spin Mop System is a handy all-in-one mopping system. It consists of a large microfibre, machine washable mop head that absorbs and removes more water, so your floors dry ASAP. The mop also removes some nasty germs, including more than 99 per cent of staphylococcus aureus and E. coli on ceramic tile and wood floors when used with water. Bonus? It’s safe for use on all surfaces, including hardwood.

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Paint job

Wine Dark No. 308 paint by Farrow & Ball

Paint and wallpaper veteran Farrow & Ball has introduced 11 new paint shades to its collection this autumn.

“We all feel ready to be rejuvenated, enhance our homes, and show off our own personal style,” says Joa Studholme, colour curator for Farrow & Ball, who co-created the shades with Charlotte Cosby, head of creative. “The colours range from easy-to-use lights to dramatic and atmospheric darks.”

We are partial to Wine Dark No. 308 (pictured). Inspired by midnight skies, this colour is named after the term Homer used to describe the sea – a perfect shade to create an inspiring space.

For more inspiring colour information visit

Back in black

black bathroom accessories

Whether you have a large bathroom or a petite powder room, black accessories will give the space a sophisticated, modern look.

  1. Black resin bathroom set. $14-$40.
  2. Washed linen bathrobe in black. $60.
  3. Tasselled bathmat. $20.
  4. Large black and white art. $250.
  5. Lindor matte black two-handle high-arc bathroom faucet. $195.

Table talk

Three-pack cutlery set in gold
Three-pack cutlery set in gold. $15.

This stunning tablescape gives us all the right feels! A classic white and gold combination is elevated when pops of colour from a bright floral arrangement are added into the look – it’s an easy way to create a beautiful table style for your guests.

Fall favourites

fall decor must-haves are all about rich wood details, 60s-style geometry and darker-toned hues

This season’s fall decor must-haves are all about rich wood details, 60s-style geometry and darker-toned hues. Here are our top picks for a fall refresh in your home.

  1. Transition Turkish silk throw pillow. $269.
  2. Grado cast aluminum coffee table. $2,299.
  3. Rohe polished nickel and walnut table lamp. $429.
  4. Henley two-seater full-size sofa. $5,891.

Smart appliance

Breville's Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro and Joule Oven App

Breville has introduced the Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro and Joule Oven App – the company’s first smart oven connected to a digital library of video-guided recipes and content from culinary experts. It boasts 13 pre-set functions including: toast, bagel, air fry, broil, roast, pizza, cookies, proof, reheat, slow cook, keep warm and dehydrate. This may be your new favourite kitchen appliance! $800.

Hot tip

Spazio brown marble side table.
Spazio brown marble side table. $399.

The colour brown is trending this season!

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