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Gliding Shelf Solutions Inc.
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Founded in 2009, Gliding Shelf Solutions Inc’s mission is “To manufacture, market and sell the best pull out shelves for Canadians at affordable prices backed by a high level of service”. Originally the founder and President Lee Anne Daniels purchased and imported pull out shelves from an American company where she gained a wealth of knowledge on the benefits and requirements of manufacturing and supplying high quality rolling shelves. However, the high shipping and duty costs combined with the challenges of providing a high level of service across borders led her to establish a manufacturing plant in Canada. Over the past years Gliding Shelf Solutions has achieved significant growth. All of the pull out shelves are hand made by experienced Canadian craftsman. Through its dealers the company offers a free expert consultation, measuring and installation of it’s rolling shelves for customers across Canada. For Canadian entrepreneurs that want to offer a high quality product that customers love, Gliding Shelf Solutions is actively searching for dealers to assist in marketing and servicing it’s pull out shelves in a growing high demand market. We (Gliding Shelf Solutions Inc.) design and manufacture our gliding shelves in Ontario Canada. Our product lines can be applied in cabinets, pantries, armoires, linen closets, mobile homes (RV’s) and any piece of furniture that can benefit from a gliding shelf solution. Our product is designed to retro fit your existing cabinets and furniture. The process is easy, and affordable, with minimal disruption to achieve the maximum results in creating more space and accessibility, keeping you organized, making your life easier.