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Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.
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Enbridge’s Savings by Design focuses on an Integrated Design Process (IDP) workshop which investigates various ways to potentially improve the energy performance, resiliency and sustainability of your project. The goal in the workshop is to achieve a minimum of 15% above the current Ontario Building Code. After the workshop, we provide you with a detailed report of the various options we discussed at the workshop, and if you choose to design and build the project to the energy target, you qualify for additional incentives from Enbridge. The real value is in the workshop whereas it provides an opportunity for your team to brainstorm in a risk-free environment, with the end result often being trade-offs so you end up with a better performing building at little or no additional cost. The ideal time to participate in the workshop is early in the design stage. The program is fuel neutral therefore we calculate both gas and electricity towards the energy target. There is no cost to participate in the Savings by Design program other than your investment of time.