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Twice the capacity means less time in the laundry room

Twice the capacity means less time in the laundry room

For the first time ever, it is possible to wash two separate loads at once. The LG Twin Wash does this by combining a mini pedestal washer with a large washer up top. The mini SideKick pedestal washer is perfect for those items that need special attention — small loads or delicates go in the bottom, while regular loads can be washed up top.

The Twin Wash allows you to wash jeans and delicate baby clothes all at the same time.

The LG SideKick washer can be combined with any of LG’s front-loading washers purchased after 2009 and is an ideal solution for small, specialized laundry items that require a gentler touch.

The Twin Wash main washer takes clothes washing to a whole new level with LG TurboWash technology. High-powered nozzles spray detergent for a more thorough wash, and water particles for the ultimate rinse cycle. “The LG Twin Wash System will forever change the way Canadians do laundry, saving loads of time and making it less of a chore,” said Valerie Malone of LG Canada. “The addition of a mini washer underneath the main washer translates to greater flexibility, convenience and efficiency. It’s also another big leap forward in our commitment to using cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas to make life better for consumers around the world.”

LG’s new washer-dryer pairs are not just incredibly fast, they’re smart, too. The built-in Smart ThinQ technology adds a whole new level of convenience. Custom cycles can be uploaded to the washer, cycle statuses can be monitored via an LG smartphone app and alerts can be sent via wi-fi when the cycle is complete.

The ergonomic design of LG’s new Twin Wash washer-dryer pair takes convenience to new level. The door is conveniently aligned with the drum’s centre, positioned 21mm higher than on conventional models. It is also tilted to a more accessible six-degree angle, so users don’t have to bend over as much to put clothes in or take them out. Visibility with the door closed is also increased and the newly designed sliding detergent box at the top reduces the likelihood of messy detergent spills.

LG’s advanced Turbo Steam technology gives a speed boost to the new dryers. When selected, Turbo Steam prevents over-drying by spraying hot steam onto clothes during the drying cycle, which reduces shrinkage, sanitizes the clothes and eliminates even more wrinkles.