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Top Five Apps to Help Make the Most of Summer

Top Five Apps to Help Make the Most of Summer

Summer has a way of making you forget that there is life beyond warm weather, barbeques with friends, and weekend getaways — especially if you’re one of the many Canadians who spend the season at their cottage. In 2015, 68 per cent of Canadians surveyed said that they would be spending the summer at the cottage rather than travelling abroad.

Unfortunately, there’s often a whole list of things that need to get done back home that can make vacation less enjoyable. Thinking about responsibilities while sitting on the dock is sure to bring a cloud over a sunny weekend.

Thankfully, if you’re in the GTA, there’s an app for getting things done from the comfort of the cottage. Lawn overgrown? No problem. BBQ not clean? You’re covered. Missing a friend’s birthday? Look no further. We’ve rounded up the top five apps to help you rest easy and get back to what’s important: relaxing.

1) Tonic Blooms

If you’re planning on spending days or weeks at the cottage, chances are you’re going to miss at least one special occasion back at home. Graduations, birthdays, or anniversaries will go on without you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate from afar. Tonic Blooms offers on-demand flower delivery service throughout downtown Toronto, all within two hours and with no delivery fees. Choose from one of five made-to-order bouquets for any occasion, and press send from the dock.

2) Jiffy

Warmer temperatures and longer days make summer the best time of year to get things done around the house – but you can’t fix your garage door from the cottage. Jiffy, the on-demand home services platform, is here to help. Jiffy connects homeowners with vetted and insured professionals to complete home tasks on their schedule—even if the homeowner is away relaxing. Request to have someone mow the lawn or clean the barbeque, all while you’re laying out in the sun.

3) Cleanify

Rushing out of the house to beat long weekend traffic can sometimes mean you’ve left your house in a disorderly mess. Nothing makes you wish you could extend your vacation by a few extra days than knowing you’re coming home to a disaster. Cleanify allows you to book cleaning services based on the number of rooms and the type of cleaning you want with top-rated cleaning services in the area. Book a cleaning on the ride home and rest easy knowing that the mess will soon be gone.

4) Piper

Having a neighbour fetch your mail while you’re away eliminates the mountain of newspapers on your front porch, but it doesn’t mean your home is safe and secure. Piper is a home security device with a built in camera that can monitor your home and alert you to anything unusual. After installing Piper in a central location, it connects directly to your smartphone through the Piper app. Piper will send you notifications every time its sensors are activated and you can check in at any time. The best part? It doesn’t come with the monthly fees of most security systems.

5) InstaBuggy

Clearing out the fridge before you leave for the week ensures that you don’t come home to shelves full of expired food, but it also means that you may only have a jar of jam on hand for dinner. After a long drive home, the last thing stop you want to make is the grocery store. InstaBuggy allows users to order groceries on their app or online from a variety of grocery stores throughout Toronto (you can even mix and match depending on store prices) and the whole order can be delivered in an hour.

If you’re in need of home maintenance services, use the promo code ‘RENODECOR’ to receive $25 off your first Jiffy service order. To book a service or learn more visit Note: Jiffy currently services homes in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with plans to expand its service area later this year.