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Tips For Making Your Bathroom Remodelling Project Simple

Tips For Making Your Bathroom Remodelling Project Simple

We all want a beautiful, good-sized bath in our homes. But sometimes the limited budget gets in our way of doing a proper bathroom renovation. The process of revamping your bathroom doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Getting the extra storage space or beautiful fixtures during bathroom renovation Toronto doesn’t have to be too costly.

We’ll share a few tips on how to make any bathroom remodelling project simple and effective.

Start with a must-have list

What’s the most important change you’d like to make in your bathroom? Consider making a must-have list that outlines all your desires in a bathroom remodel. For instance, if extra storage is important to you, invest in proper bathroom cabinets or get other ideas to maximize on the available space. Remember that bathroom and kitchen cabinets Toronto can be pricey so set your budget ahead of time. Also have a list of items that you may want to have but aren’t necessary.

Less is more

You never have to spend a fortune on a bathroom remodel in order to make it more spacious and inviting. Make the most of the space you have by adding accessories and fixtures that give the space a little more character. For instance, if you go for a wallpaper with flowery details, choose a plain shower curtain to create some form of balance. Bold colours on your bathroom walls or tiles can be great if you have lots of space. You can also add mirrors or use white/off-white or neutral colors for a smaller bathroom to open it up and create an illusion of a larger space.

Finding the right design

The different components of your bathroom should work well together to make the area look more spacious. The designs you choose should address your main concerns of renovating the space. Whether you choose a freestanding bath tub, a frameless shower screen or mirror fronted cabinets, consider changes that would make the room more functional and ideal for your life-style. If you have a small bathroom, installing a sliding door will help to conserve space. Re-member ventilation is key in any bathroom. You may install an exhaust-fan in the space to boost air quality. If you’d like to store your hairdryers and other bigger items in the drawers, make sure you choose a shelf or drawer that is deep enough to fit. You can discuss with the contractor other changes that would be ideal for your given space.

The finishing touches

After replacing the major components in your bathroom, it’s time to give it some little adjustments that make a big difference. Choose semi-gloss or gloss paints to prevent mold buildup. Chrome-plated tap ware is usually common in modern homes because it tends to complement most colours and finishes. You can even add some artwork on the walls of your bathroom to give it some character.

Quality workmanship is key

In a bathroom renovation, quality installation should be a priority lest you spend a lot of money on a project that doesn’t look the part. Work with an experienced home remodelling contractor with the right skills to make the project a success.