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Throw the Perfect Al Fresco Dinner Party with Benjamin Moore

Throw the Perfect Al Fresco Dinner Party with Benjamin Moore

With the warm weather finally here, many Canadians will head outside to fire up the grill, cool down with refreshing drinks, and enjoy the sunshine. Although Canadians love spending time in their backyards, they often forget that every few years, they have to give their decks and outdoor living spaces a much needed update so that they can enjoy and prevent damage from the harsh Canadian winter.

Refresh your outdoor living space and throw the ultimate al fresco dinner party with help from Sharon Grech, Benjamin Moore’s Colour and Design Expert.

See below for Sharon’s tips and fun, new DIYs which will elevate any backyard.

Throw the Perfect Al Fresco Dinner Party with Benjamin Moore

Get the Backyard Party Ready with Tips from Colour & Design Expert Sharon Grech

Summer soirees featuring freshly grilled food, crisp cocktails and laughs with loved ones will be cherished by many Canadians this season. When hosting an outdoor dinner party, a stellar menu is only half of the battle. For the ultimate al fresco dining experience, a refine, comfortable space to gather is just as important.

Sharon Grech, Colour & Design Expert at Benjamin Moore, will share her tips on how to get your backyard party ready.

DECK: Imperial Gray, ARBORCOAT, Semi Solid, TABLE: Ferndale Green, ARBORCOAT, Solid

Get the Deck Ready for Dancing

Refreshing your deck with stain is one of the easiest ways to transform your outdoor space and will maintain, protect and beautify wood so that you can glide through many summers to come. Examine wood for rotting and previous coatings before getting started. If needed, use an appropriate restoring or cleaning product to bring the surface back to its original form. Sanding with an 80-grit sand paper is recommended.

Choosing a colour and finish will depend on the look you’d like to achieve. A semi-transparent stain will enhance the natural look of wood and works best on a newer deck. A solid finish masks imperfections and is great for decks in need of a refresh. Charcoals or deep browns are popular colours that add depth, which plays on the current trend of bringing the inside out. For best results, use a premium exterior stain like ARBORCOAT® from Benjamin Moore.

To apply, use a roller and brush. Using a roller or pad applicator to paint multiple boards at one time is an easy way to apply stain. Once stain is applied, back-brushing or smoothing over those same boards with a brush on a long handle helps speed up the process, minimizes knee discomfort and ensures the wood is properly penetrated.

When the Sun Goes Down, Light it Up

Illuminate your outdoor architectural features and enjoy the party ambiance with lighting. There are many unique, luminous lighting solutions for any backyard.

For easy and inexpensive lighting, string party lights under a patio umbrella, or do a lighting DIY. Tie tree branches and twigs all together with LED lights, then suspend them from a gazebo or patio overhang. For even more intricate illumination, add a pop of colour to the branches with bright paint colours like Ravishing Red 2008-10 or Patriot Blue 2064-20.

Easy Patio Set Updates

Create a stunning and functional party atmosphere with an easy patio set update. Revamp dining chairs with wood stain or paint, and update seating and cushions with new outdoor fabrics in vibrant colours and patterns. Long outdoor harvest tables are perfect for accommodating multiple guests, so scour garage sales or vintage markets to find one of your own.

DECK: Fairview Taupe, Arborcoat, Semi Transparent

Impress with Handmade Centrepieces

A centerpiece will complete your look and will serve as a focal point for guests. Multi-functional accessories are one of the biggest design trends this year and will make hosting that much easier. Consider filling mason jars with garnishes and condiments and place them on a decorative serving tray. When not used for condiments, the jars look beautiful with tea lights at night, or function as a vase for fresh flowers.

Add your personal flair to an existing serving tray by painting or stenciling the tray’s centre base. This multi-functional centerpiece will also serve your guests in style. Place in the middle of your table, fill with drinks, and enjoy this “tray-chic” centrepiece!

Additional tips for choosing the right shade and type of paint for your outdoor space are available online at, @BenjaminMooreCA and