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Sunny Dispositions – Feb/Mar2015

Sunny Dispositions - Feb/Mar2015

I don’t know about you but my guess is that you’re in a better mood on a sunny day. I know if we’re working outside on a renovation, a clear day is a bonus. Not only do we get much more work done but everyone’s productivity and frame of mind is enhanced due to the weather.

The same holds true for an indoor work/live environment. Dark, gloomy rooms may be good for sleeping but not so great for doing particular tasks, including cooking. And, as we age, our eyesight deteriorates and we need things well lit (thus the glasses in my picture).

Many of you may be sitting in a windowless cubicle all day and don’t arrive home until the evening hours. Sadly, sunlight isn’t playing a big part in your life and that has an impact on how you feel.

Like everything in life, we’re constantly learning and developing new ways to improve our environments, and to better suit our lifestyles. We may be lagging behind other countries, but we’re finally waking up and seeing the light.

So much of what we do these days, in terms of renovations and home improvements, has to do with improving the functionality as well as the atmosphere of a home. Having a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and a couple of bedrooms isn’t enough anymore. We want each room to envelop us in a cloak of comfort, so that when we arrive home at the end of the day, we know that we’re exactly where we want to be.

More and more people are also working from home, which adds a whole other element to live/work spaces. Ambient lighting may be soothing when kicking back and watching a movie, but it isn’t nearly enough when it comes to productivity as it relates to job performance.

Recognizing the home office trend, new home builders are incorporating these spaces into their designs. However, this doesn’t mean that the designated area is suitable to an individual’s needs or work patterns.

We reconfigure many spaces for a home office and it requires a great deal of planning. So many things have to be considered. Ergonomic furniture may be required if a client has physical concerns that have to be addressed. We may need to run plumbing for an artist who needs to clean their brushes, or for an icemaker and beverage centre. A two-piece powder room might need to be added if the space is on a different level. Everyone wants, and needs, different things, but one of the most important things we have to reflect on is how to light the space. Integrating natural light is one of the most beneficial and cost-effective ways in which to improve a workspace, and skylights have addressed this concern on many occasions.

There are plenty of possibilities available but you’ll find that a solar-powered skylight adds natural light and fresh air for an improved indoor environment.


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