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Reno Expert: High-Tech Toiletries – Oct/Nov2016

Reno Expert: High-Tech Toiletries - Oct/Nov2016

Technology has transformed the bathroom into a space of personalized convenience and ultimate luxury

It may seem hard to believe, but there are a number of Canadians from my generation who grew up in rural parts of the country without indoor plumbing. It’s amazing to think that in my lifetime we’ve gone from people using outhouses, to today’s high-tech toilets. The most technologically advanced toilet I’ve ever seen is the Numi toilet made by Kohler. From the motion-activated lid and heated seat, to the Bluetooth technology that enables you to stream your favourite music while seated on the throne, they’ve jammed in more technology than our grandparents could have even imagined. Of course, all these bells and whistles come at a cost: the Numi retails for a little more than $9,000!


The same company also makes an impressive spa-like shower unit called the DTV+. Instead of levers and knobs to control the various jets and faucets, the DTV+ comes with a waterproof touchpad for adjusting the water flow and temperature. You can even save up to six different pre-sets so each family member can have a customized shower “experience.”

If you still have money left to burn, there are bathroom mirrors with built-in screens that enable you to watch TV or surf the Internet while you brush your teeth.

Jim’s Pick


Many of us like to sing in the shower, but this showerhead features a built-in wireless speaker so you can play your favourite tunes to croon along with.


Oftentimes, products that are designed for commercial projects migrate into the residential market. Many homeowners have already seen the hygienic benefits of installing hands-free faucets in their kitchens and bathrooms.

Another item that first appeared in public washrooms but is increasingly being used in homes is a wall-mounted toilet. By eliminating the need for a tank, manufacturers have enabled homeowners to save some space in small bathrooms, or add a sleek design feature in full-size ensuites.

One commercial product that’s making a somewhat surprising entrance into homes is urinals. Seriously. They use a lot less water than a toilet for every flush, and are a great option for taking your “man cave” to the next level, or for families with lots of boys in the house.

Of course if your man cave bathroom includes a shower, you’re going to want the ultimate in bathroom extravagances, a Seura waterproof television so you can watch the game while you wash up!

Jim Caruk, Renovation Editor

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