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Red, white or rosé? Time to upgrade your holiday bar cart.

Red, white or rosé? Time to upgrade your holiday bar cart.

It’s time to upgrade the standard holiday bar cart with seven great new tools that are a pleasure to use and elevate the entertaining experience for the host and guests. Made with high-quality materials, the look and feel of this new collection is sleek and urban with minimalist details in a gorgeous black chrome finish.

To create the entire bar and wine collection, Trudeau worked alongside sommeliers and wine industry specialists to tap into Canadian consumers’ needs and current market trends.


Pairing your favourite wine with the perfect accessories will please the palette and prolong enjoyment of both red and white vintages.

Uncork with ease

The Trudeau Wing Corkscrew has long arms to reduce effort when pulling up and down and then clamps on the bottleneck making it easier to grip while pulling out synthetic and natural corks efficiently. It stands upright for easy storage. $27.99

Serve and store

The 2-in-1 Trudeau Bottle Pourer and Stopper adjusts to most bottle neck sizes and is 100 per cent leak-proof. Place the handle in the upright position to seal the bottle and then just tilt the handle down when you are ready to pour. $14.99

Just a click away

To activate the Trudeau Expandable Stopper, simply turn the top until you hear a click and the inner band expands inside the bottle to keep it fresh and secured, staying 100 per cent leak proof even when stored horizontally. $12.99

Preserve the reserve

The Trudeau Wine Pump with two Stoppers preserves the wine’s freshness by preventing oxidation and high pressure changes within the bottle for up to one week. The pump has been laboratory tested to be efficient, with limited pressure variation over time. The leak-proof stoppers have a vacuum seal indicator and also enable you to store the bottles horizontally in the wine cellar or fridge. $24.49


Stocking the best ingredients for cocktails should include tools that are simple, easy and fun to use. Measuring precisely and following recipes is the key to creating consistent and tasty drinks while incorporating fresh fruits and herbs will always inspire creativity.

Let’s open up

Get into the groove with the Trudeau Bottle Opener that works in an instant on bottle caps of all sizes with minimum effort. Open bottle caps with one end or unscrew them with the ribbed gripping section. It is equipped with a leather strap for easy storage. $12.49

Shake it up

The cocktail shaker is the No. 1 tool for every mixologist to properly mix cocktail ingredients and chill drinks. The Trudeau Cocktail Shaker has a raised rim for precision pouring and an ingenious integrated strainer that holds back ice for a consistent pour. The shaker’s measuring cap has both a 1 and 2 ounce level so no other tools are necessary. $36.49

Crushing it

Add a burst of flavour to your favourite cocktail with the Trudeau Cocktail Muddler made of acacia wood with a rounded shape to extract the maximum aroma from fruits and herbs. The tapered shape fits easily into cocktail shakers and glasses. $14.99

Trudeau Corporation is a fourth-generation family business that is the leading Canadian supplier of quality kitchenware and tabletop accessories in North America. For more than 125 years, Trudeau has inspired home-based cooks, baristas, mixologists and wine aficionados with authentic and tasteful products. Now available in 70 countries, Trudeau earned a global reputation for high industry standards in testing and standing behind their products with generous warranties. The brand continues to be a benchmark for excellence in original design, genuine innovation, reliable manufacturing and superior value.

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