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Owens Corning focuses on energy efficient homes

Owens Corning focuses on energy efficient homes

Owens Corning, a leading global producer of residential and commercial building materials, announced the launch of their ComfortCertified Program last week, designed to help builders build above code and to deliver energy efficient and affordable homes in Canada built with sustainability in mind.

Today’s homebuyers expect more. Owens Corning turns building science into building genius to help builders build more energy efficient, comfortable and sustainable homes that are affordable.

“We are excited to combine our expertise with forward thinking builders across Canada to help them along their path towards building net zero homes and communities across Canada,” said Salvatore Ciarlo, technical manager at Owens Corning Canada. The program is a great segue towards achieving additional certifications such as Energy Star, Net Zero Ready or Net Zero labels.

The Owens Corning ComfortCertified Program is a two-tier “Home Buyer Certification Program” with minimum performance targets verified through third-party energy modelling and on-site blower door testing for instant homebuyer credibility. Once the program standards are met and the third-party certification is approved, the home receives an Owens Corning ComfortCertified label. Two labels are available depending on the criteria met: ComfortCertified certification which reduces heating and cooling energy use by 25 per cent or ComfortCertified Net Zero Energy Ready, which reduces heating and cooling energy use by 50 per cent.

This is the first program of its kind to be offered by an insulation manufacturer. Owens Corning is committed to help reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. The ComfortCertified program will help provide Canadians with comfortable, durable and affordable energy efficient homes that will save energy year over year.

Owens Corning is supporting the power of their strategic relationships through customized builder marketing tools created to allow for easy co-branding, so that builders can promote the use of Owens Corning Building Science to craft homes that are unrivaled in the markets they serve. In turn, homebuyers can look forward to an enhanced lifestyle adding comfort and savings for their family.