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Make your new home secure while moving your security system

Make your new home secure while moving your security system

It’s exciting to be moving to a new home. Packing everything up, the anticipation of a new neighbourhood, making sure that you change your address for all the important organisations and businesses.

So many things to think of and at the top of the list should be making your new home secure while you are in the process of moving your security system. It’s important to look at security in your new home before you take up residence so when you finally move it is an easy transition.

Here are our top home security tips:

1. Change the locks

When you buy a home you have no idea how many people from its past still have keys that will give them access. Changing the locks gives you peace of mind and is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your door locks – especially if they are old and flimsy.

2. Add window locks

Can you secure the windows on all levels with sturdy locks? Windows are a common entry point for would be thieves. Check all of your windows and add strong locks as necessary to improve your overall home security.

3. Fence it in

Is there a strong fence around your new home or is it open for anyone to walk in? If there is no fence, you may want to install one before you move to avoid the inconvenience of doing it once you are in residence. If there is already a fence, check for holes or gaps that can be exploited by intruders and fix them. Make sure that the gates have secure locks that make them difficult to access without a key.

4. Motion sensitive outdoor lights

Install lights outside your home that are sensitive to movement. If anyone enters your new property after dark, they will be scared off when the lights come on and they can be seen by the neighbours.

5. Clear the yard

An overgrown yard is an invitation to burglars. Keep it clear, especially around windows and doors. Make sure that you trim or remove anything that can give an intruder cover whilst they break into your house.

6. Add a wireless security system

Until you can move your main security system add wireless security monitoring to the main entry points. Monitor it on your Smartphone to make sure that everything is okay.

7. Home insurance

Most insurance companies will allow you to extend your coverage to two addresses when you are in the process of moving to your new home. Talk to your insurance company. It may mean an extra premium in that time but it is well worth it for the additional coverage.

8. Make it look lived in

Empty house can attract unwanted attention. Add some curtains, some basic furniture, turn lights on at night (make sure the curtains are closed) so that it looks like your new home is lived in even before you have fully moved

9. Move your valuables last

Finally, make sure that your most valuable items are moved last so that they are in your new home when you are living there not before. Always keep a record of their serial numbers and have photos on record of any heirloom pieces.

Author Bio: Sara works as a content strategist at Five Star Locksmiths (Melbourne). Five Star Locksmiths provides 24-hour locksmith services in Melbourne’s CBD and its suburbs.