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KIMBERLEY’S GUIDE TO – Grasses – Jun/Jul2016

KIMBERLEY’S GUIDE TO - Grasses - Jun/Jul2016

Not just for outdoors, grasses are a growing trend inside the home.


This time of year, it’s all I can do to keep my shoes on and resist the temptation to romp barefoot through every patch of grass I can find. Whether it’s a clipped green lawn or the sight of tall waving beach reeds, grasses have a sensuous, summertime attitude that many (myself included) find highly attractive. Fortunately, a growing trend to decorate with natural materials such as grasses, leaves and reeds means that nature’s bounty is nearly as plentiful indoors as out.


Paper walls with grass cloth when a natural and tranquil atmosphere is desired. The intricate texture lends depth and warmth to ordinary walls. Admire the natural variations in colour and texture inherent in woven materials. Grasses, like any harvested material, are subject to all sorts of primitive uncertainties such as bad weather and poor harvesting conditions. These pulls and slubs enhance the artisan quality of the goods. Modern dyes produce a nearly unlimited palette so you’re not limited to neutral colours when making a selection.

DESIGNER’S TIP: Paired with linen or patterned draperies, matchstick or bamboo blinds are perennially pleasing and quite affordable.


Consider natural-fibre weaves as an alternative to carpeting. Seagrass, sisal, coir, jute and rush are currently much in demand. Individual materials vary widely in performance so make sure to discuss the merits and limitations before making a purchase. Natural sisal isn’t ideal carpeting for playrooms, as the coarse texture is uncomfortable to crawl or play on. A wool or synthetic carpet that imitates the look of sisal is a better choice in this case.


Bamboo or matchstick blinds are an ideal window covering in tight places where draperies would take up too much wall space. Not only are these blinds economical, they are also resistant to humidity and moisture and come in either natural or stained finishes; making them highly serviceable and decorative. Natural finishes are typically variegated in colouring ranging from deep brown to pale maple. Bamboo blinds can be mounted inside or outside the window casing. Inside mounted window coverings, leave room for a valance or draperies. Outside mounting makes windows appear larger. To determine the width for an inside mount, measure in three places; record the narrowest width. For height, measure in three places, and use the longest length. To determine the width for an outside mount, measure from the left outside edge of the frame to the right outside edge. For the height, measure from the top outside edge to the bottom outside edge. Many blinds come in stock lengths, so round up to the standard length closest to your measurement.