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Design the perfect holiday tabletop to match your aesthetic and other holiday tips

Design the perfect holiday tabletop to match your aesthetic and other holiday tips

Holiday decor is all about the details. This year, why not add a touch of charm to your home with an elegant tablescape that suits your personal aesthetic? To help take the guesswork out of holiday decorating, design guru Debbie Travis shares her tips to create a captivating dining space.

To create an air of glitz and glam, icy blues and captivating crystals nod to the frosty temperatures of the season and create a stunning tabletop. Travis recommends using sparkling crystal wine glasses and pairing them with a cool-toned table runner for a subtle pop of colour. The combination creates a sophisticated ambiance, ideal for any dinner party.

For an edgy elegance, metallics are your go-to. Brass, copper, and gold decor are hot this year — and for good reason. These hues warm up a space, adding a trendy yet polished look.

“Forgo the average greens and reds for more contemporary colours,” Travis advises. “My top tip when using metallic accents is to do it sparingly. Pair them with other colours and textures so they stand out.”

If you’re seeking traditional charm, bring the outdoors in and have a little DIY fun by creating a rustic centrepiece that’s both beautiful and budget friendly. Travis suggests buying your own large glass bowl or vase and adding a collection of pinecones or beautiful Christmas crackers for a quick, fun holiday piece.

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How to achieve a stress-free holiday season
The holidays can be hectic, with a lot of work going into gift-giving, cooking, setting up decorations and planning parties. Fortunately, there are ways to find time to slow down, take it all in, and enjoy time with family and friends.

One of the top holiday stressors is dealing with finances, which is also one of the last things that we want to think about during this time. According to Kerry Reynolds, head of consumer marketing at PayPal Canada, awkward conversations about money can be avoided.

“The average Canadian is down $462 in outstanding IOUs, partly because they’re uncomfortable asking to be paid back,” she says. “Using PayPal, we can quickly and easily make peer-to-peer payments at the touch of a button so that uncomfortable follow-ups can be a thing of the past.”

Here are some more tips to reduce stress this holiday season:

Make a list of dates: Mark your calendar with key dates like events or travel and include important milestones leading up to them. Consider when you need to pack, hire a babysitter, purchase an outfit and arrange transportation so you aren’t left coordinating at the last minute.

Do as much work in advance as possible: If you’re hosting a dinner party, pre-chop veggies and make the salad dressing in advance for easy assembly. If your meal can be pre-cooked and frozen for reheating later, take advantage and get the work out of the way well ahead of time.

Get out of line and go online: Spend more time playing and less time paying when you shop online from the comfort of your home. And be sure to leave yourself enough time for delivery to avoid any unnecessary stress.

Ways to stay on budget

’Tis the season for lavishing your loved ones with good tidings and gifts — tidings may be free but gifts come at a cost. Keeping a cap on holiday bills may be easier than you think. Follow these simple tips to help you stay on track with your holiday budget: Get on the nice list: Sign up for retailer emails. Many of your favourite brands share deals and discounts via email, especially during the holiday season. Sign up to get the inside scoop on promotions and first dibs on discounts.

Budget your spending and bag a deal: Many retailers offer online exclusive products and sales. Shop online during your lunch break or even from your mobile phone on your commute home to snap up holiday sales as they happen. Have a clear budget and keep it handy for quick reference to make sure you don’t blow it on an impulse buy.

Look for free shipping: Many of your go-to holiday shopping destinations offer free shipping within Canada when you make purchases over a certain amount. If you plan on sending gifts to loved ones in a different city, take advantage of free shipping to save yourself time and money.

Don’t pay for return shipping: The turkey has been carved and the gifts unwrapped. Once the tissue paper has settled, there is time for you and your loved ones to reflect on your holiday gifts. If you purchased a sweater for your dad and it doesn’t fit, or the game you bought for your nephew wasn’t exactly what he wanted, send the gift back. PayPal’s newly launched Return Shipping on Us service will foot the bill for return shipping costs on eligible items, saving you up to $30 per claim. Register at

Don’t let the holidays take control of your wallet. Become a bargain hunter, shop at your convenience, and hit the shops ahead of the crowds to take advantage of deals this season.