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Design Experts : Christmas Past – Dec/Jan2017

Design Experts : Christmas Past - Dec/Jan2017

Photography: Courtesy Of Canadian Tire, Homesense, And PC Home

A nod to once upon-a-Christmas decor and how to create this retro look in your home this holiday season.

Sometimes, the more things change, the more they remain the same. This adage captures the present feel for holiday decorating as we are leaning towards a simpler time—an appreciation for a more rustic, retro Christmas display in the home is trending simply because as time moves forward, there is something that we all love about Christmas past. If you were clever enough to have kept the ornaments from your great grandmother, the ones your children made when they were toddlers, or DIY decor you made when you were first starting out, then you just might have everything you need for your Christmas decor this year.


The retro Christmas decor is everywhere around us, and filling the shelves of retailers. Let’s start with those vintage ornaments that hung on your grandmother’s Christmas tree. Those delicate glass balls with all of the intricate details of a hand-painted art piece. The idea of family is evoked with these retro items as we think not only of those who sit around the tree this year but also of those who came before us. It is a chance to start our own traditions with vintage-like ornaments evocative of Christmas vignettes from the past etched in our minds.

Handcrafted decor takes us back to the early Canadian Christmas season when decor only existed if someone made it.
Pine cones and holly on dishware are traditional holiday symbols perfect for your Christmas table.


To achieve this retro Christmas look, nothing has quite the same heart as those elements that are handmade. Hand-woven elements, which have the sense that your great-aunt knit the stocking that is to be hung by the chimney with care, are important. Ornaments that are reminiscent of vintage sleighs, or hand-knitted tree bobbles all provide the sense of a vintage Christmas. Combine that with the items your own children have already made, a fresh-cut Christmas tree, and voila’, it’s like stepping back in time with that glorious real Christmas tree scent pervading through the home, just like grandma’s house used to have.

The traditional knitted “stockings hung by the chimney with care” are back and just like your great- grandparents would have had them.
Add yuletide touches to your living room with these handcrafted cushions.
A mason jar has been preserving foods for generations. Now you can use it to serve everything from juices to stronger things that will “pickle” your guests!


No Christmas is complete without the baking. Cookie tins were a big part of an old-school Christmas along with mason jars for preserves. They also make a great decor statement in the rustic Christmas look while providing storage for all your cookies! At your holiday party, remember to serve some of the drinks in these pressed glass mason jars. With drinks taken care of, it’s time for a vintage table setting. Vintage cups and plates with a hand-painted look will give you all the feeling of Christmas morning at the homestead. When it comes to all the shiny decor pieces that predominate holiday decor, you can carry the gold and silver metallics through into the new year, even after you have taken down most of the traditional Christmas decor.

Knitted toss cushions are another great way to give the house that vintage Christmas feel and can be incorporated with the pillows that already sit on the sofa. There is no reason you can’t add a faux-fur blanket to give that old rustic and cosy feeling. Combine it all with some of the sweaters that have become so popular at every house party around, some natural pine boughs, pinecones and mistletoe and the stage is set for the ghost of Christmas past to come walking through your front door.

SOURCES BALL: Canadian Tire, SOCK & PLATE: PC Home, JAR & PILLOWS: HomeSense

Glen Peloso and Jamie Alexander are co-founders and principals of Peloso Alexander Interiors. They bring 35 years of combined experience to creating environments that merge the client’s lifestyle, personality, and architecture., twitter @glenpeloso & @glenandjamie,








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