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Design Experts: Bathroom Innovation – Oct/Nov2016

Design Experts: Bathroom Innovation - Oct/Nov2016

Glen & Jamie round up the latest in bathroom advancements.

Bathroom and kitchen renovations are wonderful ways to increase the value and enjoyment of your home. It’s always exciting to find new innovations for those rooms because they are, perhaps, the most used in your home. We discovered a handful of new innovations, along with some improvements on the tried-and-true, recently at the International Builders Show and the Kitchen and Bath Show in Las Vegas. Here are 10 fab new finds:

1 SOLID SURFACE WALLS In the past, people showered once or twice a week so tiles and grout had time to dry out. Now people shower once or twice a day, which can lead to mould and mildew issues. Solid surfaces like Silestone are seamless and beautiful. You can also use the same material to create a vanity and clad the cabinets.

2 BIDET SEAT There is nothing like being able to have a little bath every time you use the bathroom. You used to need to do that in a separate unit; however, the Toto Washlet has the whole thing built into the seat. It’s a spa-like experience with wash-and-dry features, plus lots of adjustability to suit everyone.

3 LIGHTING SCULPTURES Good lighting is important yet tough to find for the bathroom. Hubbardton Forge offers a selection of fantastic fixtures that are as beautiful turned off as they are on.

4 HEATED FLOORS Heated floors have been with us for some time. Once you’ve experienced them, they’re hard to live without. The Nuheat Mats are custom built and can heat showers and shower benches or the whole bathroom. The system is now even more energy-efficient as its SIGNATURE Thermostat is WiFi-enabled and works with the Nest Thermostat, turning itself on or off automatically based on home occupancy. Social consciousness and luxurious comfort is the perfect combo.

5 BODY JETS Body jets have been a relaxing feature for a while. The introduction of a spinning head by Riobel means you don’t have to move while in the shower to get that awesome spa therapy.

6 COMBO SHOWER HEAD Some in the family like a waterfall shower head while others like the rain-head effect. With the combo head from Riobel, you get the best of both worlds and the whole family is happy.

7 GOLD FAUCETS There was a time when gold faucets were hard to find. These days it’s hard to find a manufacturer that doesn’t have gold in its collection. Unlike the shiny and brassy gold of the 1980s, 2016 is most certainly matte and classy.

8 3D PRINTED FAUCET DXV has launched a faucet that has an open space in the neck of it. When turned on, the water magically flows from the spout. Like wireless was to the Internet, there is just space where water should flow to get to the spout.

9 3D TILES Texture is an excellent way to create visual interest in a room, particularly in a small space like a powder room. These Ann Saks 3D Tiles add another layer to the function and colour by offering texture. Walls with dimension, along with colour, touch yet one more of the senses and make your bathroom experience that much more enriching.

“Texture is an excellent way to create visual interest in a room, particularly in small spaces such as a powder room.”

10 WINDOWS AS WALLS Homeowners try to obscure the windows for privacy while they love the light. In many condos, one whole wall can be a window. One of the trends we see are vanities in front of windows with suspended mirrors. You get all the light, privacy and the opportunity to make excellent use of the whole space.


Glen Peloso and Jamie Alexander are co-founders and principals of Peloso Alexander Interiors. They bring 35 years of combined experience to creating environments that merge the client’s lifestyle, personality, and architecture., twitter @glenpeloso & @glenandjamie,