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Decor Expert – Making An Entrance – Dec/Jan2015

Decor Expert - Making An Entrance - Dec/Jan2015

Kimberley’s Guide To: Making An Entrance

The top 10 tips to make the most of your foyer

It’s unlikely that any room in the house gets more consistent use than the foyer. Season after season, a well-maintained entranceway gracefully welcomes family and friends to your home. To make the right first impression, follow these 10 suggestions.

  1. Make the front door a distinct colour, establishing it as an important element of the entranceway. This is particularly important in small spaces where no real entranceway exists.
  2. A sidesplit or centre hall floor plan most often includes a prominent staircase. Position a narrow table, small desk or cosy settee against this wall. The addition of furniture creates the impression of a larger room.
  3. Wallpaper is the quickest way to provide immediate impact. Opt for vertical stripes to emphasize height or a dynamic pattern to create energy or visual excitement. As the entranceway is a transition space, it’s fine to make a bold choice to create visual impact.
  4. Place a narrow console adjacent to the entrance door. The handy location is ideal for catching keys, mail and cell phones as you enter. Select a low profile (approximately 30” high) to give a small entrance an airier look. Top with a mirror, facilitating last-minute checks on the way out the door. For really compact quarters, install a cantilevered ledge (no visible means of support) and tuck a stool beneath.
  5. Many entranceways are plagued with multiple closets and doors. Minimize their appearance by treating the doors identically to the walls. Enhance the walls-only illusion by allowing any molding or wainscotting to run across the closet doors. Further heighten this affect by hanging artwork directly on closet doors. Secure paintings or photos at the top and bottom to prevent banging or bouncing with the movement of the door.
  6. Add a chair rail to bare walls, visually expanding the width of the room. To create a pleasing proportion, install the chair rail about a third of the way up the wall.
  7. Install a full-length mirror, adjacent to a front door with glass panes. This strategic choice will expand the view and amplify light.
  8. As a general rule, larger area carpets create the illusion of greater space. An area carpet with a central medallion emphasizes the entrance as a distinct room while a border can draw attention to space constraints.
  9. Make a statement with bold artwork in the entrance. While strong artwork may overwhelm a living room where guests linger, bolder choices here are ideal— creating an impactful and dramatic first impression.
  10. Make sure to create a flexible lighting plan. Dimmers add cosy glamour to evening events. Table lamps or sconces are the most flattering light as they illuminate the face more directly then overhead lighting.

Kimberley Seldon