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Adventures in DIY Domestic Bliss – Part 2

Adventures in DIY Domestic Bliss - Part 2

And so the saga of living through a renovation continues. Since I last checked in, we were waiting on the recommendations of the ikea designers before diving in further. I am happy to report that went swimmingly! Dave from Peg Corporation was professional and very patient with my thousands of questions.

Here is the 3D drawing they provided us. The system is a little glitchy, but the end result is amazing and we can finally visualize what the space will look like!

We decided on the Bodbyn grey cupboard but had heard there was a shortage in that particular colour. But why not throw on another layer of complication?!  I’d already fallen in love with the colour and the price point, so it was too late to turn back.

I had the plans in-hand and was advised to show up at Ikea at 11am during the week. Apparently, the contractors go first thing and around 11 there is usually less of a wait time.  This was fantastic advice.  I had the kitchen ordered and delivery set-up within an hour as the line formed behind me. The bonus was that only two door fronts are on back order!

As I wait on delivery, I can finally relax and enjoy summer… right? I’ve always been a dreamer. The list of to-dos started to grow as we prepared for the delivery.

Kitchen To-Do’s

  • Drywall
  • Hire an electrician
  • Arrange for a gas fitter to move the stove
  • Oh ya, flooring!

I guess we weren’t satisfied with the bare studs and hanging wire décor, we had to expose the floorboards too!

At the advice of designer Barbara Nyke, a contributor to Reno and Décor, we decided to keep the existing pine floors and try to match them as best possible.  We ordered natural, untreated 4-inch white pine from the local lumber yard and were shocked at how economical it was (or maybe how small the kitchen actually is).

We have only stripped a small section of the original hardwood, but this gives you an idea of the final look we are going for:

We plan on drywalling this weekend and have a crew set up to install the hardwood next Wednesday!  These are final pieces of the puzzle before we can finally install the new kitchen, which has now been waiting patiently in the garage for its glory day.

Full steam ahead!

Have a great weekend,

Jess MacInnis