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Sarah Malagerio-Bruno Monday, June 20, 2011
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These boots will take you where you need to go, from work to the garden to the bank and back.

This May, I received my first pair of Blundstone "Rigger" boots. The waterproofed gift from heaven treated me very well during that month's constant downpour of rain. There aren't many boots or shoes on the market that are as waterproof and as comfortable as Blundstones.

I thought I'd use the boots mainly for gardening and for rainy days. That all changed during the first few days I had them on my feet. I barely took them off! Trip to the bank? Blundstones. Grocery shopping? Blundstones.  Check the mail? Blundstones. The "Riggers" became my go-to shoes that I could slip on and know that I'd be comfortable.

Most of the company's business comes from return customers who work in the construction business, or who need the added protection of steel-toed shoes in the workplace, such as landscapers, firefighters and do-it-yourself renovators.

“For those working in tougher environments, there should be no compromise when it comes to  safety in footwear,” said Ian Heaps, from Blundstone Footwear.

With Thinsulate, Blundstones can easily be fitted for the winter season with insertable sheepskin insoles. Sheepskin wool can wick away foot moisture to elevate discomfort and allows Canadian consumers to wear their Blundstone footwear year-round.

About Blundstone

Blundstones have been available in Canada since 1993 at Australian Boot Company and other retailers. Tin Shack is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Blundstone. Blundstones have been toughing it out for no-nonsense, go-anywhere, do-anything types seeking comfort, durability and rugged style  Boasting pull-on comfort, Blundstones are all-weather, lightweight, durable and no-gimmick footwear. For more information, visit