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Cover: Dining by Design – Dec/Jan2015

Cover: Dining by Design - Dec/Jan2015

Dining By Design

How to get the look, whether your style is traditional, modern or transitional. The months of November and December, and well into January, offer us many opportunities to get together with our dearest friends and family members. Whether it’s Diwali, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year’s Eve celebrations like the Scottish Hogmanay, the fondest memories are made when we gather around the dining room table.

As the extension of the heart and soul of the house, dining rooms are where you celebrate all the fine chef work done in the kitchen to create beautiful and delicious meals shared with your guests. The design can be traditional, transitional, or contemporary; it all depends upon how formal or how relaxed and unconventional you want the space to appear. I believe in providing clients with rooms that best suit their homes, personalities and esthetics.

Merry Little Christmas – Dec/Jan2015

Merry Little Christmas - Dec/Jan2015

Merry Little Christmas

With more people turning to condo living, I’m often asked how to decorate condos, especially at Christmas. Because the average new condo in Toronto measures about 739-square feet, it has become more difficult to use decor items not created for condos. Luckily, companies are starting to recognize this trend and designing pieces specifically for condo living.

Product Showcase: Electronics – Dec/Jan2015

Product Showcase: Electronics - Dec/Jan2015

Product Showcase

Curve Appeal – Whether watching holiday classics with the family, or sharing the latest album of family photos, the Samsung 55-inch Curved UHD TV ($4,199) offers the most immersive viewing possible with a unique form factor of a curved screen and spectacular picture quality with Ultra-High Definition.