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From House to Home – Aug/Sep2016

From House to Home - Aug/Sep2016

After meeting new mom and Global News anchor, Farah Nasser, it was clear that she wanted her home to feel welcoming and be a reflection of their strong family values. The couple had recently purchased this beautiful home but their previous furniture wasn’t quite fitting with the new space.

Home Finds: Citrus Central – Aug/Sep2016

Home Finds: Citrus Central - Aug/Sep2016

Immersed in the depths of summer, nature is in full bloom… and so is our decor! In tune with keeping the life-affirming sentiment of the season indoors, we look to the hues that make our days even brighter.

Colour Your World – Aug/Sep2016

Colour Your World - Aug/Sep2016

For many homeowners looking to keep costs down, painting is seen as a DIY-able task. While I’d always recommend hiring a pro if you can afford it, if you really want to paint the town— or at least, your house—yourself, here are some tips on how to do a better DIY-job of painting.