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Cover Story: In Praise of SMALL SPACES – Feb/Mar2016

Cover Story: In Praise of SMALL SPACES - Feb/Mar2016

Hello my name is Melissa and I used to be a condo snob. Admittedly, I judged condos unfairly. So how is it then that I came to live…quite comfortably…in one? I used to picture condo-living as a suffocating experience; trapped with no fresh air and certainly no room to live the kind of life I do. Growing up in a small town, away from a major city, my views on what defined a home were set long before I had an opportunity to form an educated opinion.

GTA Home & Reno Show – February 12 – 15, 2016

GTA Home & Reno Show - February 12 - 15, 2016

Visit RENO & DECOR’s booth #267 at the GTA Home & Reno Show, February 12 to 15, 2016 at the International Centre in Mississauga. A host of experts, along with some of R&D’s contributors, will be on hand for free 15-minute consultations to advise you on any design, decor and reno concerns.

Product Showcase: Storage & Space Savers – Feb/Mar2016

Product Showcase: Storage & Space Savers - Feb/Mar2016

WINE STORAGE SOLUTIONS – Specially educated and trained cellar building teams will advise on the proper building requirements and solutions for your wine storage needs. Wine cabinets, cooling unit and wine racks are also available. H2O2 WINE CELLAR DESIGN

Tiny Houses – Feb/Mar2016

Tiny Houses - Feb/Mar2016

As my business has grown over the years, so has the size of the houses I’ve been building. Some of the bigger projects I’ve worked on recently range from three to five bedrooms, with five or six bathrooms. But as the price of housing continues to escalate, younger people are finding it increasingly harder to break into the market. As a result, there’s been an interesting trend in the opposite direction of so-called monster homes—tiny houses with 400 square feet or less of living space.

Grow Your Own – Feb/Mar2016

Grow Your Own - Feb/Mar2016

Seed racks in the stores are filled with a great selection this time of year. Make your selection while the choice of seeds is at its best. I suggest sowing pansies, impatiens, geraniums and petunias right now. Starting seeds indoors is fun and a great way to engage kids in gardening at any age.