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Cover: Ebb & Flow – Feb/Mar2015

Cover: Ebb & Flow - Feb/Mar2015

Inspired by the beach setting, designer Anne Hepfer revitalizes a dated Florida condo getting away from it all isn’t always that easy. The owners of this 1,300-square-foot condo in Vero Beach, Florida wanted a setting to inspire a vacation mindset. The blended family, with grown children, lives in Toronto but often makes the trip south.

The agenda given to interior designer Anne Hepfer was an inspiring one: Make it fresh and fun, not too serious. That isn’t as simple as it sounds when you take into consideration the state the condo was in when it was purchased in 2011. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit was a time capsule from the early ’80s, wood panelling and all.

National Home Show and Canada Blooms – Mar2015

National Home Show and Canada Blooms - Mar2015

Come visit RENO & DECOR at Booth 4526 to have all of your design, decor and renovating concerns put to rest. On hand to answer your questions will be interior designers, decorators and renovation experts offering free 15-minute consultations. Be sure to bring along your photos, samples and floor plans to ensure you get the most out of your appointment.

To Dream The Impossible Dream – Feb/Mar2015

To Dream The Impossible Dream - Feb/Mar2015

Renovating to an ironclad deadline is inevitably a recipe for disappointment.
Renovation is not an exact science. With the most detailed drawings and meticulous planning, you can still experience some delays on a home renovation due to unforeseen problems that crop up.